Why AIU?

We are proud to admit that AIU is situated in Kyrgyzstan, a Central Asian country of peace and democracy. Sublime mountains, green fields, rich water springs and clean air are the indivisible qualities of Kyrgyzstan’s nature.

Education: AIU is a global educational center for multi-lingual and multicultural students. It is also a prestigious, modern, research-driven, educational institution. Known for its scientific publications, innovated teaching methods, rich library, high-tech classrooms and laboratories, AIU hosts a dynamic educational atmosphere. The English language is used as a medium for conducting lectures, thus preparing the students for future employment at global firms. AIU, with a slogan of “Door to the World” became a point of choice for thousands of students throughout the years.

Qualified academic personnel: The Ala-Too International University owes its success to its academic staff, which has a global influence, and has their signatures in scientific and academic publications. Coming from China, Russia, Turkey, Europe, and the USA, not only to teach, but also to share personal skills and cultural experiences.

Exchange opportunities: Our University has signed work and education agreements with foreign universities to provide students with a chance to study abroad. Ala-Too International University also strives in increasing number of international students, at present the university is educating more than 140 international students from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Sri-Lanka, Indonesia, Panama, Somali, South Africa, Mali, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, China, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Germany, Netherlands, Mongolia, Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. With exchange programs including Erasmus, (22 countries, 70 universities), social, sport and cultural impacts, foreign language-based education and tuition fees, AIU has become a door for Kyrgyzstan, to the globe.

Environment:  Cultural programs and festivals are organized by student clubs continuously throughout the year and build a base for brand-new friendships and colorful social living center. Cafeterias, sport courts, concert halls and a breathtakingly beautiful gardens come together to facilitate a cozy study and living environment.

AIU is a kind of artistic workshop where all the parts come together to build the bridges of harmony and peace.