04.02.2017  Journey to Kara Balta

February 4, 2017 the charity "V-Fund", together with the Student Council volunteers and with other students traveled to boarding school for children in Kara-Balta city. There are approximately 280 children of different ages from 6 to 18 years. The school has several buildings; school building, a separate dining room, and a dormitory for boys and girls. Also for convenience and self-development of pupils, the boarding school has its own carpentry, sewing shop, a hairdresser and a dentist's office .We can say that children are well satisfied as they are given a comfortable hostel and good conditions for studying.

Our fund bought some gifts and necessary things: clothes, toys and sweets for the children, washing powders, soap, detergents (toothpaste, shampoo). In addition, our volunteers have prepared a concert program for children, which included games, dances and quizzes. Together with children volunteers also enjoyed the program.

We hope that we were able to give children joy and warmth. After all, they do not need our money; they need only our attention and communication with them. 

Photo report


28.01.2017  Nursing home, Serafimovka village.

  January 28  2017 charity foundation V-fund made its another trip to the nursing home, which is located in the Serafimovka village, near Bishkek. This home has more than 250 grandmothers and grandfathers. Some of them have a disability and are moved with wheelchair.

We collected a big amount of humanitarian aid and gave them to the nursing house. Students of our university joined this trip and helped making a concert program to be joyful. Then together with grandparents we had a lot of dance which all of us liked a lot.

Our volunteers were divided into corps, floors and rooms to distribute things. Thus, all things were given to the residents of the house. 

Photo report