Centre for promotion of Medical Research (CPMR)

Mission Statement:

Health, the predominant concern in society calls for quick and effective medical applications of basic biomedical findings to benefit the society, thus there is an increasing need for the integration of clinical research and biomedical research. Traditionally, clinical medicine focuses on patients, while medical science research institutions only focus on animal or cell. The way to connect these two is by developing translational medicine, which begins from the clinical problems and then goes to the clinical bench. Translational medicine orientates from clinical practices, achieves two-way conversion between the clinical practice and laboratory findings, promotes cross-disciplinary cooperation and involves the collaboration and knowledge management among different disciplines as well as the reorganization of medical resources in a translational way.

The need for creation of an independent Centre stems out of a realization of the fact that each modern development in medical science has its roots in translational research and innovations. The Centre for Promotion of Medical Research (CPMR) is Ala-Too International University’s new initiative with a vision to advance, nurture and promote medical as well as translational research.

The mandate of the Centre shall be the following

  1. To promote interdisciplinary scientific research, advanced teaching and training in chosen areas of clinical and translational sciences.
  2. To provide a forum for interaction among research workers, teachers and students with national and international experts.
  3. To provide research facilities to individual workers or research groups, especially to those who are deprived of such facilities for extended periods;
  4. To create tenure-based short term and long-term chairs and visiting positions for experts in identified areas for interaction with the Centers’ faculty, carrying out research and exchange of ideas; and
  5. To conduct seminars, workshops, conferences and extension lectures to promote medical research at Ala-too International University.
  6. To create an atmosphere of scientific awareness, a motivation for new ideas and research among students and faculties.