Alumni meeting

September 7, 2017

 Traditionally every year in August Ala-Too International University invites its alumni to the university campus and gives them an opportunity to recall past student years. This tradition again was repeated this year. Graduates tasted the dishes in the student canteen and returned for a while in a time when they were waiting for long queues and buy lunch on trays. Meeting with teachers, make them to remember how classes had been passed and how they waited for break time. And the teachers, in turn, were happy to talk with their former students and were pleased with their achievements.

AIU rector Sanzharbek Erdolatov welcomed all and thanked alumni that they do not forget their university until this day. Former students today are already faithful parents, public figures working for the good of the country, specialists in state institutions.

Graduates, in turn, expressed gratitude to teachers for their hard work and patience, and proposed in the name of alumni to contribute to the university development.

In the end, the meeting of the AIU alumni was finished with a big  photo for memory.