Incoming Students



Students who are interested to spend at least one semester or NOT MORE than one academic year at International Ataturk Alatoo University can enroll in the international studetns exchange program. Students enrolling under this program will be permitted to register in courses or research areas of their choice. AIU is open to all undergraduate students from foreign universities.

Students participating in the program may choose to enroll in one or more of the courses offered during the semester or session as listed below:

(a) Regular academic undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

(b) Supervised independent research. Students may identify their own choice of faculty members to be the supervisor. The language of teaching is English.


·         spring semester - October 30th

·         fall semester – March 30th

Supporting documents:

(i) 1 copy of Academic record (transcript)

(ii)1 copy of Student Certificate from home university

The letter of acceptance will be mailed to a successful student together with registration documents to the mailing address given on the application form. Please ensure the address is stated.

  Application Form

Application form must be sent to: 


Please follow the link


Students will get a tuition fee waiver, limited to a specific number of students if stipulated in an agreement between their home university and International Ataturk Alatoo University. Other expenses such as airfare, administrative fees, visa charges and other costs will be borne by the applicants or their home university. 


The offer of admission to international students does not come with an entry Visa and a Student Pass, which are required by the Kyrgyz government. Students admitted to IAAU must have an entry visa and a Student Pass before entering Kyrgyzstan. The University will apply for these documents on behalf of a student and notice of the approval will be sent to students prior to their departure or upon arrival in Kyrgyzstan. 


(a) Accommodation

Dormitories and communal facilities are provided for students. Students may also choose other private housing best suited to their lifestyle and location on their own.

(b) Extracurricular Activities and International Exchange Activities

For the full benefit of their stay at IAAU, students are encouraged to participate in activities organized by student clubs or associations. A wide range of student activities are organized at the residential hall and university levels. The Student Affairs Division of the university oversees all activities by student organizations and societies. By participating in the activities, students will have the opportunities to learn about Kyrgyz culture and the experience of studying in a Kyrgyz campus.

(d) Health Insurance

Students are advised to have adequate medical insurance coverage especially for hospitalization cases. Nonetheless, treatment for minor illnesses with minimal fees charged can be obtained at the Students’ Health Clinic. There are also several types of health insurance made available by local insurance companies.