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Dear undergraduate and graduate students,

Office of International Relations would like to inform you that call for applications has commenced for 2018 Fall Semester Bilateral Student Mobility Programme. The programme provides great opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines to get international experience, academic knowledge and cultural exposure during one semester at one of our  partner universities in abroad.

To ease the application procedure and to eliminate time consumption from this semester onward Office of International Relations will accept the documents through online application form. Kindly visit this link to fill up application form and to submit documents, you can edit details after submission also: https://goo.gl/HQ9N2H  

Mobility programmes are classified into two categories:

-    First one is self-financed which we call Bilateral Student Mobility Programme where students do not pay tuition fee at host university hence students have to cover their own expenses related to travel, visa, accommodation, etc. And “call for application” in this email is just for this category

-    Second one is grant based mobility programmes which are Erasmus+ KA1, UGRAD, DAAD, etc. These programmes follow non-nomination based policy, which means our office will disseminate information about each call for applications and applicants have to submit their documents directly to host university for selection.   

Our office is planning to organize briefing seminar on Tuesday, 30th January at 15:00 to give detailed information about all mobility programmes.

If you want to apply for bilateral mobility programme kindly read guidelines of eligibility criteria and application procedure for upcoming semester and our doors are always open for assistance.

Note: Mobility stands for exchange



Guidelines for 2018 Fall Semester Bilateral Student Mobility Programme

at Ala-Too International University

Important Dates:

• Briefing Seminar: Tuesday, 30th January, 2018 at 15:00 in Konya Hall

• Deadline for Submission of Required Documents: Thursday, 1st March, 2018

Eligibility Criteria:

• The candidates cannot be enrolled in their first and  last semester of their studies.

• Minimum B2 level in Certificate of English Language Skills

• No fail courses in transcript

• GPA score of 70 or above

Required Documents for Application:

• Official transcript from Office of Student Affairs

• Scan copy of international passport

• Certificate of English Language Skills to be signed by Head of Department

• Bilateral Student Mobility Programme Application Form

Hyperlinks for Documents:

•  Bilateral Student Mobility Programme Application Form: https://goo.gl/HQ9N2H

• The list of partner universities: https://goo.gl/M1BcPZ

• Certificate of English Language Skills: https://goo.gl/tcLnK5

Application Procedure:

• Applicants can participate in Briefing Seminar on Tuesday, 30th January, 2018 to get detailed information about grant based and self-financed student mobility programmes and ask questions from officials.

• Applicants have to submit Required Documents till 17:00 on Thursday, 1st March, 2018.

• While completing application form applicants have to select three universities from list of partner universities. Applicants have to evaluate availability of the stream and department through partner universities’ websites. The allocation process by Office of International Relations is based on GPA score of applicants.

• Depending on host university’s requirements the allocated applicants have to submit additional documents and to fill up host university’s Application Form and Learning Agreement - a document where applicants have to choose courses for 2018 Fall Semester at host university.

• Selected courses along with credit hours at home and host universities must coincide at least for 80%, that after returning from mobility programme the courses along with credit hours can be accepted at home university.  Hence applicants have to choose the disciplines very accurately in assistance with head of departments. If there is minimum or no coincidence of credits between home and host universities, applicants may risk to prolong their study until they complete missed credits.

• Those applicants who couldn’t submit Required Documents by deadline can submit later but will be referred for second stage of allocation process.

• Applicants those who are accepted by receiving universities have to pay tuition fee of AIU for 2018 Fall Semester. Mobility students do not pay tuition fee at host university hence have to cover their accommodation, meals, travel, insurance and visa expenses.


Additional Notes:

• Office of International Relations will communicate general informations through institutional emails, notice boards and facebook page.

• Applicants have to follow Office of International Relations page at Facebook to be informed day to day information at https://www.facebook.com/groups/309905169199663/?ref=bookmarks

• Many high ranking universities in developed nations require official TOEFL score for exchange programme hence applicants are highly advised to take up official TOEFL.


Contact Information:

Dinara Egemberdieva

International Programmes Coordinator

(Partnership, Mobility, Erasmus+ KA1)

Office of International Relations

Room No: 217, 2nd Floor, A Block

Phone number: +996 312 63 14 25 (internal 10-33)

Email: intoffice@iaau.edu.kg