Outgoing Students



Selection Process


1. Grade point average must be 70 and over.

2. None of the lessons must be failed.

3. Do not have received any disciplinary action.

4. Language Proficiency Test (ex: TOEFL IBT min 70, International Center exam min 70)

5. Bring a written notarized application of approval from one of the family member or relatives (Permission Letter)

6. The selection of students applied for exchange program will be approved by the Head of Departments. Please, apply to the program after the filling out all related forms together with the Head of department or Adviser.


Selection Process for International students

1. TOEFL IBT score must be 70 or have received the document from university about the "language proficiency".

2. Grade point average must be 70 and over.

3. This form must be accepted by the Head of Department (this form can be downloaded from our web site).


Application Form

Deadline of Application: 20th of March

English Proficiency Test: 27th of March



Please, attach your student transcripts and Permission letters with Application letter, otherwise your applications will not be accepted.