General Information

    Ala-Too International University was established in 1996. The University provides students with a modern education at the international level and grants graduates with a internationally recognized diplomas. Currently the university achieved a number of successes in teaching and research activities and became popular for its achievements throughout the country and in other countries. Through the use of new teaching technologies in teaching and incessant labor of highly skilled academic staff it trains specialists from other countries as well. Our graduates master the knowledge contributing to find one’s rightful place the modern world. In accordance with modern  requierments, starting from 2006 , it established the Institute of social and Natural Sciences where the competent experts are trained under the master’s and doctoral programs, embracing the national and international standards of education.

 Required documents:

Postgraduate Study:

- Statement addressed to the Rector

- Protocol of consideration of a proposal on post-graduate studies from the University, the Department

- Personnel Record Card

- Autobiography

- Character Reference

- A copy of the diploma of higher education ( the document shall be notarized)

- A copy of academic transcript

- A copy of passport

- Medical Certificate Form № 086

- Summary of the scientific work or a list of scientific publications

- 1 photo size 4x6

- Certificateform form №3.2 of post – graduation entry exams ( if available )

- A copy of work book ( if available )

Master’s Program

•Diploma certifying a bachelor’s degree or higher education

•Transcript to the Diploma

•2 photos (size 3x4)

•Copy of passport

Note for International Appllicatns!

-Translation of passport , diploma and its transcript into Kyrgyz or Russian languages (the document shall be translation companies)

-Passport diploma and transcript has to be transtated into Kyrgyz or Russian and not


 Master’s Program Doctoral programs Independent Study Programs

Master’s Program and Postgraduate Study of the Ala-Too International University is :

- highly skilled academic staff composed of experienced teachers from Kyrgyzstan and other countries;

- an interesting student life;

- convenient schedule for study;

- interesting master’s programs;

- a relevant research projects.

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