PhD / Post-Graduate Program Admission

Documents for admission to the graduate school are accepted from August 1 to November 1, 2022.


Working days: Monday-Saturday, from 8:30 to 17:00.


Documents for admission to graduate school:

  1. Application form

  2. The university, department for postgraduate study review protocol

  3. The list of employments’ records

  4. Autobiography

  5. Recommendation

  6. Copy of university graduation diploma

  7. Copy of the diploma attachment

  8. Copy of passport

  9. Translation of the passport into Russian language, certified by a notary or a translation firm

  10. Abstract or list of published works, information about inventions

  11. Official photo 4x6 -1 piece. 3x4-2 pieces

  12. The copy of the employment record (a copy with a seal)

  13. Certificate of passing the candidate's exams in form # 3.2

  14. The contract

  15. Medical form (form #86)

  16. The protocols on passing state examinations for master's degree graduates


Note to foreign citizens!

Translation of passport, diploma and its attachment into Kyrgyz or Russian (the translation must be confirmed by a certified notary or translation company).


The address: Bishkek, Tunguch microdistrict, Ankara str., 1/8

Tel.: +996312631425

Mob. tel.: +996555820000