Master’s Degree  Programs (Graduate Programs)


General Information


Master’s degree programs at Ala-Too International University provide a cutting-edge   education with rich opportunities to explore academic   research. The programs meet   national requirements of  graduate  degree with a final  national  certification     and they offer  comprehensive, academic and ad hoc   training based on  the  rigorous and substantial curriculum.  

 Students who have Bachelor’s Degree and a Five-year university degree, may receive a    Master’s degree from   Ala-Too International University in the selected area of study; these Graduate programs equip students to lead in a globalized world.

The Master’s degree programs are intended to allow the graduates    to incorporate   their knowledge and skills in their future careers; they will be able to plan, organize, manage, motivate, control and analyze the professional activities of the employee and the enterprise as a whole.

 These programs offer    an advanced knowledge of   theoretical and applied subjects that have particular relevance to his/her area(s) of interest.

   The Graduate programs focus on development of qualified competencies that allow graduates to successfully solve advanced professional problems.

 The Master’s degree at Ala-Too International University is conferred upon the completion of compulsory courses in the subjects, as well as a research thesis.

The Graduate Programs at Ala-Too International University   provide   advanced critical research skills and comprehensive training in research methods; the academic curriculum   includes   research seminars, conferences, round table discussions, and other academic activities.

The research based nature  of the  The Master’s degree  programs at Ala-Too International University can be    en route to a  PhD program or Aspirantura.

English is used as the medium of instruction; classes can also be taught in Kyrgyz, Turkish and Russian.      World class faculty and staff of the Master’s degree programs   offer expertise on a variety of disciplines; they are trained in a range of exact sciences, social sciences and humanities.

    The Master’s degree programs at Ala-Too International University offer 7 Graduate   degrees in the following areas:



710100 Computer Science and Computer Engineering

531000 Philology (Turkology)

580200 Management

550700 Education (Pedagogy)

580100 Economics

531100 Linguistics

530800 International relations  



Computer science and engineering – 710100

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering trains specialists who are able to create modern automated information processing systems using information and computer technologies, databases and databanks, network technologies and artificial intelligence systems. The instruction is conducted in English. The University has a modern base for conducting research, which allows undergraduates to conduct research and project work. Holders of an academic master's degree in this field have the opportunity to find employment in high-paying positions not only in Kyrgyzstan, but overseas as well.


Philology (Turkology) - 531000

This department prepares Master’s degree specialists in the field of Turkish language and Turkic Philology, history. The languages of instruction are Kyrgyz and Turkish. Graduates of this department have professional knowledge, skills, and competencies that can solve modern scientific, applied and practical problems, successfully carry out administrative and managerial activities. Graduates have a wide range of research opportunities by entering the postgraduate program - "Turkic languages".


Management – 580200

The Department of Management focuses undergraduates on the development of theoretical foundations of project management, on the formation of practical skills in the application of modern methods and tools of organizational design, strategic management, project management in various areas of economic activity. In the master's program, students receive fundamental knowledge of modern management theory, features of the economic mechanism, enterprise culture, skills of administration and production management. The instruction is conducted in English, Russian and Kyrgyz.


Pedagogy – 550700

The department of Pedagogy provides pedagogical training for masters based on the requirements of the competence approach. Graduates of this direction can become managers and professionals in the field of education. In the master's program, students can study in more depth the methodology of pedagogical research and the theory of learning, gaining experience in teaching. Graduates of this department can also work as university lecturers, educators, researchers and school administrators. The instruction is conducted in English, Kyrgyz, Turkish and Russian.



The master's degree program in Economics involves training in two areas: "Economic policy" and "Financial Economics". The program is aimed at training highly qualified specialists-analysts for government agencies, research, design, analytical, financial and economic organizations, as well as university lecturers. Graduates of the program must have deep fundamental knowledge in the field of economic theory and practice, modern methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis at both micro and macro levels.  The graduates of the program should gain   deep fundamental knowledge in the field of economics theory and practice, modern methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis on both micro- and macro- levels. The curriculum is developed in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic taking into account international standards. The courses are delivered by highly qualified lecturers educated in the leading universities of the world: Moscow State University named after Lomonosov (Russia), University of Kansas, University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska- Lincoln (USA), University of Luton (Great Britain), Central European University (Hungary), Grenoble Pierre Mendes-France University.

The Master’s program in   Economic Policy   prepares professional economists- analysts and high –level practitioners in the field of international economic relations, who will gain skills  to analyze economic problems on both  - national and international levels, to determine the most suitable tools of policy at national and international research institutes, including central banks, banks  of economic development,   as well as governmental  bodies.

The Master’s program in Financial Economics is aimed at training analysts in the field of corporate finance, financial markets and institutions. The program is developed in accordance with the requirements of the modern market demands and realities of national business environment. Considerable attention is paid to the development of applied and analytical   skills in the master’s candidates. The program prepares specialists with modern financial thinking who possess “ advanced” theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of finance, who are able to think critically and make effective decisions.

On   receiving a master’s degree, graduates get an opportunity to acquire a scientific degree by finalizing a master’s thesis under the PhD program.



The program of Linguistics is  aimed at teaching undergraduates foreign languages in the field of linguistics and language studies. Also, depending on the training profile and their own inclinations, graduates can work in companies which develop linguistic software: speech recognition programs, automatic word processing, automatic translation, participate in compiling of various computer dictionaries, reference books, encyclopedias, Internet sites; work as translators or teachers.

    International Relations-530800

The program trains highly qualified specialists in the field of international relations and diplomacy. The main  areas where graduates work  are public service ( including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, consulates and embassies of the Kyrgyz Republic abroad, committees and departments of the administration in the south of the Republic), international organizations and associations( for example, the Inter-parliamentary assembly of Member Nations of the CIS ), business ( many graduates  lead and work in international relations departments of private companies), chambers of commerce, and etc.


Documents for admission to the Master’s Program:



• The original of a bachelor’s diploma (specialist) with the attachment of transcript with grades)

• Copy of the diploma supplement

•2 photos 3х4

•Copy of passport (original to be presented)


• Personal record sheet


Note for foreign citizens

Please, provide translation into Kyrgyz or Russian of the passport, diploma and its supplement (translation should be certified by the notary or translation company)


Standard period of study

Master’s Program– 2 years.


Documents for   admission to the master’s program of the International Alatoo University are accepted from July, 1st till October, 1st 2020 at the address: Ankara 1/8 street, Tunguch micro district, Bishkek.

Tel.: +996312631425 +996555820000

Fax: +996312630409



Rector, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Sanzhar Erdolatov

The Head of the Master’s Degree Program, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Nurzat Kazakova


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Computer Science

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (MSAIML)                      MSc in AI&ML






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Master in Management





International Relations

International Relations Master Program






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