President's Message


Dear Friends,

Under the principle of “If you haven’t been anywhere, you will be nowhere” in this globalized world, young, dynamic and promising Kyrgyz nation should spread its own beauties to the whole world and take the beauties of the whole world. Our university which is celebrating its 20th anniversary has graduated a great number of students who are worthily representing Kyrgyzstan abroad. Most of these students accumulated knowledge and experience outside and returned to Kyrgyzstan to serve for the sake of their motherland. Our university can be considered as a door to the world and a bridge to the new visions. We strongly believe that our youth who are at every corner of the world will represent highly valued personalities of Kyrgyz culture like friendliness and beneficence, will perfectly introduce Kyrgyzstan to other communities and will act as peace-ambassador between cultures. In order to be and have people who know many languages for the bright future of Kyrgyz people and peaceful world,  who are masters of their profession, who are open to any dialogues, who are determined in solving any obstacle and who can sacrifice everything for this service, it is the significant goal of our university to make any contribution needed.

Wish you good luck!

Prof. Dr.  Osman  Gökalp