Students of Ala-too International University represent different cultures, nationalities and religious confessions. In spite of their differences, they have many similarities. The atmosphere of tolerance and brotherhood prevails at university. Being faced to each other, students acquire more culture, customs and traditions, through variety of social activities organized by students such as social clubs, cultural fairs, concerts and charity. For example, the members of the Dance club learn and show dances of different nations. Almost all nationalities participate in charity fairs; making national meals, singing songs and showing dances; thus they earn money for orphanages.

  Students also study art in clubs such as Komuz Club, where they learn how to play Kyrgyz national music instrument and join Kyrgyz culture.

Solidarity allows students to get on well with each other. That makes them be open and friendly. 


1. "Alatoo" national dance group

2. Lezgin group

  "Alatoo" national dance started to work from 2014 under the direction of choreographer Djambulova Aijan. Ten girls learn and perform dances of different nations: Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Kazakh, Turkish and Uyghur. You can enjoy their show during the conserts.

  Casting is in September.

   Days: Monday, Tuersday  16:00-17:30





Lezgin group

Lezgin group started in fall semester 2015 by the students.

 Admission: If you have abilities for lezgin dance, you can join us.

 Course days: Wednesday     16:00 - 17:30




Music club

 1.Komuz club

 2.Piano club

Komuz club

Komuz is a national musical instrument that is inherent part of the Kyrgyz culture. Due to its rich range of performance, it is widely known. Some of our students also have a talent to play komuz. Therefore, Komuz club was opened to develop abilities of possessing this instrument and to perform in front of audience.

Admission during the September.

Course days: 

Wednesday      16:00 - 17:00

Friday              16:00 - 17:30



Piano club

Students attend the piano club for rehearsal, and further to perform in university concerts. Mostly, they already have knowledge to play the piano.

If you have a good ability playing this type of instrument, you can gather a group and teach them.