Student Council


 Student Council is a golden bridge between students and the administration. Student Council is engaged in social activities, to address the important issues of student youth life and the development of their social activity. Also, the Student Council is an organization that exists solely on the enthusiasm of  participants, who themselves set goals, pose problems, find ways to solve them and achieve desired results.


Motivation. What gives the Student Council?

• Personal and professional development

• Oratory

• Interesting meeting, both at the university and beyond

• The ability always be aware of what is happening not only at the faculty level, but also of the University

• Popularity among students (and sometimes among teachers!)

How to get to the Student Council?

1. Enter IAAU

2. Find a desire to live an active life and take all the best of student years

3. On any given day, at any time, alone or with friends, come to the office of student council

4. Fill in an application to join the ranks of the SC

5. Complete an interview to become a volunteer

6. Being entirely responsible, active and purposeful.


Parting words to the entrants of the Student Council!

Of course, today the higher education diploma is  necessary. Do you know, what is not less important? It’s  your   attainments  or skills. You must be a qualified professional. Therefore, working with us in the Student Council IAAU, you gain a great experience and a lot of skills  in a variety of areas: from holding and organizing events, writing scripts to collect press wall, the development of interior design etc . We wish you success and good luck!



IAAU Student Council was founded in 2004. The main purpose is the implementation of support to students in various aspects of life and education, realization of new projects and all sorts of assistance to faculty development. In 2014, Student Council celebrated their 10th anniversary in conjunction with the charity fund V- Fund.

As in any other organization there are rules, and there is a Charter of the Student Council !!! The activists of the Student Council work in accordance with the Charter, and in case of violation are excluded from the organization.

The SC consists of:

The president



Department of the Organizing Committee

The Ministry of Mass Media

The Ministry of Foreign Policy

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Sports