Enactus Day in AIU

October 23, 2019

  More recently we have held Enactus Day at our university. There were a lot of people who wanted to know about Enactus, so we prepared assembly hall for presentations that is Enactus than we do and how it is important. We told the students about how can become a part of Enactus and already received more than 50 queries. Soon we will spend another event, after which will be determined new members of our team Enactus, AIU.

  Work on projects is already under way, so it will be easier for new players to get into the team and get into the process of our activity in Enactus.

  The history of our team Enactus of the International University of Ala-Too began in 2015. We have been active in developing new projects and successfully implementing them. Four years later, we became champions Of The National Competitions Enactus 2019, which is a huge success for such a young team. Thanks to the victory, we were eligible to participate in The Enactus 2019 World Cup in San Jose, California, USA. During the participation in The Enactus World Cup, a great achievement for our team was that the performance of our team allowed us to reach the semifinals of the competition and fight for the name of our republic with the leading countries as the USA and at the same time enter the top 8 countries all over the world! After the competition, tours were organized for such giant companies as Google, Intuit. The companies have prepared a presentation about their activities and opportunities to pass the internship for us. The interesting part of the tour was workshops, during which we asked interesting questions about different directions of the company's work, many received gifts for active participation.

  Thanks to Enactus World Cup, where outstanding people from all spheres of business, business leaders and students are on the same site, we gained a great experience, gained new goals and knowledge on the implementation of new projects.

  Thanks to the networking and review of presentations and projects of teams from 37 different countries in culture and economics, we have identified for ourselves certain techniques and models of works of different spheres of activity, so that it will be applicable for Kyrgyzstan. We have been charged and motivated for the next year, which, thanks to the experience of participation at the World Cup, will be full of new innovative and business ideas.