The School Olympiad in Economics took place at Ala-Too International University on April 4, 2019.

April 9, 2019

   One - day program of the Olympiad began with the Grand Opening Ceremony, following by the Olympiad, lunch, networking, university tour, and the concert dedicated to the Olympiad that ended with the winners’ announcement and Grand Award Ceremony.

   In the Olympiad with the main goals and objectives are:  identification and creation of conditions for supporting outstanding students; development of creative thinking skills and interest in the educational process; development of students' general educational horizons; promotion of scientific knowledge, the following students received awards respectively:

1st place: Muratova Aizat - gymnasium 26  (5 000 KGS), Soojin Jung – Cambridge SRIS (5 000 KGS)

2nd place: Seleznev Denis - school-gymnasium № 33 (3000 KGS), Aysenem Kasenova - Cambridge SRIS (3 000 KGS)

3rd  place: Shefner Kristina - school-gymnasium № 33 (2000 KGS), Kamchybekov Atai – KTL named after Ch.Aytmatov (2000 KGS).

Результаты_олимпиады 2019