Press Release to the 9th P. N. Bhagwati International Moot Court Competition

April 5, 2019

  On March 15-19, 2019, in Pune, India, the 9th International Moot Court Competition on Human Rights was held, in which law students from Alatoo International University were participating.

  The International Moot Court n. a. P.N Bghawati is widely recognized in the Asian and African continents, the specificity is the direction to train law students by applying their knowledge to a specific problem.

 The competition was attended by representatives of 15 foreign teams, the honor to represent Kyrgyzstan fell to Alatoo International University, represented by a team of four people: two speakers - Alzhanbaeva Zhyldyz and Okisheva Zharkyn, and two researchers - Kanatbekova Nadir and Rasulbek to. Perizat.

  During the competition, teams competed in resolving the case from both the plaintiff and the defendant. Preliminary, semi-final and final rounds of oral hearings were evaluated by specially invited judges from the highest courts of India.

  Each of the 35 teams previously prepared and sent out memorandum to their opponents for the plaintiff and the defendant, in which they stated their position on the procedure and on the merits.

  At the oral hearings, the teams presented their arguments regarding the dispute, took part in the debates of the parties, asked each other questions and answered questions from the judges who asked for clarification. For several months, the teams studied the problem and lined up their positions.

The team from Kyrgyzstan for its strong human rights argument was nominated as “Torchbearers of Human Rights”.

  It is worth noting the hospitality of the organizers of the competition. Participants from foreign countries were delighted with the hospitality of the organizers, who did everything for the convenience of the participants. In addition to the competition itself, the organizers organized a tour for participants from foreign countries, thanks to which participants not only gained invaluable experience as lawyers at an international court, but also became acquainted with the culture of incredible India.