Obstacle avoidance robot competition 2016

April 30, 2016

 With the support of people interested in promoting the robotics, in 26 april 2016 was organized “Robot Competition” by Industrial Electronics Teaching Staff of “International Ataturk-Alatoo University”, the main condition of which was to pass distance by avoiding the obstacles in the shortest time. The aim of the competition was to attract young minds to the exciting world of electronics and robotics. [21.4.2016]


-14.00 -14.30 Registration

-14.30-14.40 Openin ceremony

-14.40-15.30 First round

-15.30-15.45 Coffee break

-15.45-16.30 Second round

-16.30-16.50 Closing ceremony

Participants of the event were “International Ataturk-Alatoo University” students and «Cambridge Silk Road International School» students. In total 10 university and 3 school teams participated to competition.

On registration, there was a limit for maximum number of students in one team that is three people. After registration there was openin ceremony where dean of the New Technology faculty Dr.Bedelbai Mamadiev took speech. As guests of honor were the founders of the most popular in Bishkek online store of electronic components «geek.kg».

The distance of the first round of the competition was 15 meters. Obstacles on the way of robots included wooden obstacles placed randomly all the way.

The favorites of the first round were members of «Mountech» team, they have passed the full distance in 1min.38 seconds.

Contest attracted more and more interest among students. Also, the competition did not leave indifferent spectators and professors from other universities that have become ardent fans of the team.

The second round was declared a distance of 10 meters no less difficult and complicated to pass. The competitor to “Mountech” group was team “Iceronic”.

At the end of two intense rounds, after some judicial voting were announced the winners. It was the team «Mountech», awarded with a certificate and a cash prize. The second was a group of «Iceronic», the boys were not upset, because they were also awarded with a certificate and a prize. Third, become team «Wally». All other contestants also were awarded with certificates of participants.