International Day of Peace

October 12, 2017

International Day of Peace is celebrated on September 21. The United Nations has announced this day as “International Day of Peace” since 2013.  

  Students from about 10 countries, including Somali, South Africa, Germany, Morocco, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, who are studying at the Faculty of Medicine will report their opinions on peace. We will also plant a plane tree in the university garden.  The plane tree, which represents long life, peace and patience.

We intend to celebrate this day annually.

Orhan Inandı, General Director of SAPAT Institutions, Sancar Erdolatov, Rector of Ala-Too International University, Suleyman Senturk, Vice Rector of Ala-Too International University, Academic, Administrative staff and Students of the Faculty of Medicine attended the tree planting ceremony.

Through this ceremony, we hope to support our youth to believe in peace and contribute to peace atmosphere in our world.