RIA Case Cup Tournament

March 9, 2017

On March 1, 2017, RIACaseCup hosted an tournament among students from the 1st , 2nd, and  3rd  year who previously had been assigned tasks to solve the problems of the Free Economic zones in Kyrgyzstan. Participants were offered interesting proposals and creative approaches.

4 teams from Law, International Relations and Finance & Banking departments took part in the tournament: "ABC", "OPG", "Fin16" and "Mix".

1st place – team "ABC" (first year law and IR students).

2nd place - team  "Fin16" (first year finance students).

3rd place - team "OPG" (first year law students).

4th place - team "Mix" (third year law students).

The jury Ainura Chekirova, an expert on ARV and Zhuma Kaibyldaevich, executive director of the free economic zones in Bishkek.

Congratulations to the winners and we wish victory in the main inter-university tournament RIACaseCup, which will be held on March 24.

We express our gratitude to Ainura Chekirova and Zhume Kaibildaevich for hosting the tournament and look forward to further cooperation.