July 7, 2017

On May 25, 2017 a very important event took place at International Ala-Too University – the presentation of the monograph "Gender of Philosophy" of our esteemed professor, Doctor of Philosophy Edilova Mariyam Mitalipovna.

The event was attended by well-known figures of science, education, healthcare and representatives of the authorities of Kyrgyzstan. Most of them delivered congratulatory speeches. The rector of the IAU - Ph.D. Erdolatov S.S. thanked the professor for her great contribution to the development of the university and science in general. Deputy Head of the Government Office of the Kyrgyz Republic Isaev A. N. and MP Orozova K. B. underlined the importance of this work and the need for its widespread dissemination.

  Representatives of the healthcare of the KR also noted the actuality of the book – MD, professor, head of the Department of Hygienic Disciplines of KSMA named after. I. Akhunbaev - Raisa Atambaeva and MD, professor, chief physician of the Clinical Hospital of the Office of the President and Government of the Kyrgyz Republic Gulmira Baitova.

The reviewers of this monograph are Aitmatova Rosetta Torokulovna - President of the Republican Public Association "Women's Aid Center", Togusakov Osmon Asankulovich - corresponding member of NAS KR, Director of the Institute of Philosophy and Political and Legal Studies of the NAS KR and Kanimetov Zhankoroz Kanimetovich - Ph.D., professor, pro-rector of the IAU. In her speech, Rosetta Torokulovna thanked the author for her work and wished her success in her future endeavours.

Professor Mariyam Mitalipovna spoke about the monograph, which examines on one of the topical issues - the problems of gender. The author believes that in modern Kyrgyzstan both women and men have many problems. Therefore, in order to achieve gender equality, state programs and strategies must take into account the interests of both genders, as well as create the same conditions for their implementation.

In turn, we - the administration, teachers and students, congratulate Mariyam Mitalipovna with her another achievement, too. She was included to the book about leading women of Kyrgyzstan “Kyrgyz woman: history and modernity” written by Kalbubu Bekturganova. We wish our professor good health and success!!!