New Year contest of “KVN”

December 19, 2017

  On December 14, the New Year festival of the “KVN”-League was held in Konya Hall of the AIU. The organizer and host of the program was Doolotbek Manasbekov, president of “KVN” AIU. The game was attended by both local and foreign teams invited from outside: New Style, Karyshkyrlar, Oy-Bai, Alga, NatVegas, Aztec, Oigon. Teams competed in two following competitions: "Warm-up" - a game of questions and answers, where teams should find the most ridiculous answers to questions for a short time; "Freestyle", where teams presented their prepared miniatures for the allocated time - 5 minutes. In the "Warm-up", the Oy-Bai and Aztec teams distinguished themselves with their improvised answers, and the New Style, NatVegas, Karyshkyrlar and Aztec teams demonstrated their dynamics and charisma in the Freestyle contest.  The young team Oy Bai made an impression on the audience. According to the decision of the jury the following nominations were awarded to these teams:

• "The best team" - Oy-Bai team (school №1)

•"The best joke" -  NatVegas team (Kyrgyz National University)

•" The best player " - Beksultan from Karyshkyrlar team (AIU)