Project Manager of TWITTER DEVELOPER COMMUNITY, NARGIZA ABDUBALIEVAUU held a seminar in our university!

April 18, 2017

 On April 10,  HR club IAAU have organized one of the most interesting meetings ever..

Our students met Nargiza Abubalieva, a very sincere and positive person.

 Nargiza advised the guys to be active and participate in various competitions, and as often as possible be a volunteer at various student events. Because when employing, especially abroad, an important role is played by how often a person worked free of charge.

 Nargiza also urged not to be afraid of any work and everywhere to try to do everything to the maximum. You can not achieve everything at once. You always have to start from the bottom. So start right now, go through internships, be active. Try to have time to participate everywhere. The more people you know, the more chances you have for success.

 We express our deep gratitude, dear Nargiza!

 And thank you, everyone for participating!