Model UN - New Silk Way ( Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan)

March 9, 2017

The Regional NSWMUN, one of the largest Model UN conferences in Kazakhstan, on the 24-25 of February in the city of Almaty. It is dedicated to the 25 anniversary of membership of Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries in the United Nations. The delegates worked in different committees:

1) UN General Assembly - "Nuclear Weapon Disarmament"

2) UN ECOSOC - "Climate Change and its Solutions in Central Asia (SDG-13)

3) United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - "Scientific Development of Future Energy"

4) UN Security Council - "The Republic of Kazakhstan as Non-Permanent Member"

The delegates from International Atatürk Alatoo university, won a full grant for participation, which includes transfers, accommodation and meals. IAAU students of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Scientist, departments of law and international relationships, namely: Meerim Kadirbek kyzy Aidai Marshall, Nadyrbek Avazbekov, Makhabat Sakenova, Nazima Maksutova, Altynai Djakshykbekova, Marat Akimkanov, Iliyas Akhmadov, Omurbek Ashymbekov, Toichubek kyzy Chynarai were able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in public speaking. Delegates also had the chance to talk with the Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the United States Ambassador to the Republic of Kazakhstan and the rest of the guests of honor of the international event. Also in addition to this, students are lucky enough to see the sights of one of the most developed cities of the Central Asia - Almaty.