Mobility to Silesian University of Poland

June 21, 2016

 International Office of IAAU opens recruitment process for fully funded two staff mobilities within the framework of the Erasmus Plus Program to Silesian University of Poland 2016-17 academic year.  We would kindly ask you to participate in this program and believe that the program, which is oriented towards globalizing European education, will bring you valuable pathways in terms of academic and personal development. The duration of the program is one week.

The selection of staff will be carried out by the sending institution (IAAU) on the basis of such criteria as: eligibility, academic capacity, proficiency of English, motivation.
 Eligibility Criteria
You are eligible to apply for the Erasmus plus program if
- You are a full time teacher at IAAU,
- You have more than 3 years working experience at IAAU,
- You are not the grantee who already participated in Erasmus+ Staff Mobility      

 Programme last two years.  
Academic capacity
The applicants should have the necessary professional competencies and qualifications to carry out the proposed program. Applicants have to submit to International office the following supporting documents in English not late July 5.
- CV (Europass)   
- A list of publications last two years
- English Language Proficiency (B2 level or higher)
-Written Approval of the Head of Department (or Dean of Faculty, Director of the Institution or Coordinator).

The short listing process will be carried out by International Office Administration.